Parent Portal

  • Scoutbook Login
    • 3808’s platform to track scout advancements, schedule events, and communicate. All parents and unit leaders should have a login and have their profile and family connections properly configured by Pack Admin (Lou or Brian)
    • Easily accessible on mobile. Use the link above as a home screen icon.
  • My.Scouting Login 
    • National platform to register for scouting and track training for adults. Your login credentials for this site can also be used for
  • Ventura County Council, Boy Scouts of America
    • Scout Store
      • East Daily Drive, Camarillo, CA 93010
        (805) 482-8938
        Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday – 9am to 5pm
        Saturday 10am to 3pm, CLOSED SUNDAYS
    • Cub Day Camp Info
      • 2019 Dates: July 8-10, 8am-4pm @ Camarillo Church of Latter Day Saints, 1201 Paseo Camarillo
  • Cub Scout Advancement Basics
    • The basic process for earning advancement ranks in the Cub Scout Program
  • Boy Scout Trail Website
    • Useful resource of all advancement and adventure requirements and ideas for games and activities

Important Information for Scout Parents:

  • This program works best if you are involved!
    • This program is more fun and your scout will get more out of it if you are involved! Parents should regularly expect to lead or help organize events and work in tandem as co-leaders with the designated Den and Pack leadership.
    • Please complete, review, and update your roster information in Scoutbook so we can stay in contact with you and keep your Scout connected to the program.
    • We are a community of volunteers all working hard and giving what we can; last minutes changes are unavoidable. so make it easy for us to stay connected to you.
    • Be aware of your Scout’s advancement and proactively work with the Den Leader to make sure your Scout’s accomplishments are tracked and updated in Scoutbook.
    • We regularly need talks from experts, veterans, and outings to local points of interest and municipal facilities. If you are a professional or have those sorts of connections, let us know!
    • If you see a vital organizational flaw or something that could get done easier or more efficiently, let us know how you’d like to help! We need you involved!
  • Advancement and Adventure Basics
    • The program the Den leader will coordinate each year will cover the required adventures over the course of the regularly scheduled meetings and outings.
    • If you miss Den meetings or outings be sure to reach out to your Scout’s Den Leader to find out what requirements were covered that meeting so you and your Scout can complete those on your own.
    • On your Honor, you can vouch for or update any of the Scout requirements and activities for adventures or advancement that your Scout has completed under your supervision. Just let your Den Leader know or update Scoutbook yourself.
    • Be aware of any requirements your Den leader has asked your Scout to complete at home before the next Den meeting. Help your Scout track those activities and be prepared for the next meeting.
    • You and your Scout can work on any activity available at home or on outings and earn as many adventures as you like beyond those required for their current rank; just keep Scoutbook updated with the requirements your Scout completes and those activities will be awarded at the next Pack meeting. There are lots of adventures to choose from!
    • In addition to the miles hiked by your Scout on official outings, you can add two family hikes a year to your Scout’s total.
    • Our Pack’s Scouting calendar starts on the first Wednesday in September and ends on the first Wednesday in June. Any activities completed over the Summer should be done at the level of the next year’s grade/rank.